Wednesday, August 27, 2014

VenuG Presents: Original Source of Khubsoorat(New Song) Engine ki Seeti sung by Rehana Mirza and many more murders of Rajasthani Folk songs. An Omnibus on plagiarism.

If you're not from Rajasthan,
Or are born in India, after 1990,
You're highly unlikely to identify the source of this song.
This song s not in the Original Khoobsoorat,
Starring Rekha, Ashok Kumar, Shashikala, David Abraham,
Poonam Malhotra, surprisingly, I do not remember the Hero of this great film,
Which had excellent music by R D Burman & Lyrics by Gulzar,
The two songs that I remember are,
Classical Piya Baawri, & fun song,
Sun Sun Sun Didi tere liye ik Rishta(I used to sing Rickshaw, whenever my sisters Rickshaw arrived :p ) aaya hai.

But this post is not about Khoobsoorat old or new,
But about murder of Rajasthani Popular folk songs,
 By Bollywood Music Directors over the decades.

I now request you all, to watch this video,
Anjan kee sheeti mhey mharo munn dolley hey
Sung beautifully by
Rehana Mirza.
This song like most other Rajasthan/Marwari Folk songs,
Borders indecency & double meaning.
 Though the song talks about a train journey,
But actually, it means something else. :-) :d :p

Anjan ki seeti mein mharo man dole
Rehana Mirza.

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