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My Intitation Into Music

My love for Music How it all started

National Ekco,: U764 [Radio] ID = 902243 933x803

Full details on the above link

    I don't know oe remember if we had a gramophone, but somehow I remember having heard Hawa mein udta jaye from Barsaat(1949) , Songs from Anmol Ghadi , Udan Khatole mein ud jaaon by Shmashad Begum(1946) & my dads favourite Frank Sinatra song Love and marriage it was a borrowed.

    I also vaguely remember a Gerard radiogram with its teak cabinet, it was either at the house of Dr V V John, the then Vice-Chancellor of Jodhpur University I was 4 , Dad is up there, dunno who to ask, Maybe his only surviving friend Dr C Radhakrishnan , Retired Professor, Department of Chemistry , Jodhpur University, who now lives a retired life is at Sree-Radhika Trisshur, whom I met lst September. 

Gerard radiogram with its teak cabinet

Read a detailed blog post based on Gerard Changer.
The Song I remember on this are

 Come September 1961 Original sound track Title Music.

 The Champs - Tequila (UK 78 R.P.M. Edition - 1958)
Tequila by The Champs
made famous later by The Ventures

Then came 1965 war with Pakistan & Binaca Geet Mala was our favorite radio programme

BINACA GEET MALA -Top songs from 1953 to 1993

Ameen Sayani... Memories of Binaca Geetmala

   The later memories, somehow begins from 1969, 9th June, 1969, Summer of 69, the day we landed at , C-12, Moti Marg, Bapu Nagar, Jaipur 302 015 ( Then 302 004) , our Landlord Shri. Khazan Singh Sharma, a Jat from Mahendergarh, Haryana, then working as a photgrapher, in D PR, Department of Public Relations, Government of Rajasthan, a graduate in Art , from Government college Lahore, a great painter, artist as well as photographer. He was a great music lover. 6 AM sharp, he entered his bath room for a bath, and his singing Kundan Lal Saigal started.

    I still remember the songs they were 


One of K.L.Saigal's most celebrated songs from the film Street Singer, in Raag Bhairavi, his personal favourite

 main kya janu kya jadu hai..K.L.Saigal-pankaj mullick -1940

  These were eearly days between the ages of 4 and 9, more was to come later.

Some Day I will tell about Anjali :p 
( Uff kya ada thi, she used to smile back at me, because in those times, any teenager listening to Rock with full blare on Radio Kuwait through a Phillips transistor, off all the places in JAIPUR !!! 7th wonder of the world. She was my first crush at 15) She was maybe 8 years edler to me dammit :D )
  My Dad, Late Shri Balakrishna Menon was a music aficionado, a connoisseur of good music, a gourmand and a gourmet. 

  His routine started at 7.00 AM to 7.30 AM Sangeet Sarita on Vividh Bharti, 7.30 AM 8 AM Radio Ceylon, Purani Filmo ke naghme, followed by 8.00 AM to 8.30 AM Bhuley Bisrey Geet on Vividh Bharati and New songs from 8.30 AM to 9 AM on Vividh Bharti.

I started the english service later, at 6.00 AM with instrumentals and 6.30 AM listening to Radio Ceylon songs by Jim Reeves, Harry Belafonte, Freddy Fender, Cliff Richards, Andy Williams, Osmonds, Tony Orlando, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, John Denver & Afric Simons Ramaya (These were the songs that the Goan, Manglorean and Anglo-Indian Community used to always sing in Missionary as well as Christian schools (to which me and my sister Kamala went, Nirmala School, Jaipur and Sophia School, Jaipur)

The space for the above singers is now taken by Miley Cyrus as well as Justin bieber :-)) as kids tell me now in " PUBLIC SCHOOLS" Like DPS and Modern High Barakhamba. Where Metal and hard rock is a BIG NO-NO !!! 

I will have blogposts, in chronology starting with Radio Ceylon, Binaca Geet Mala, SLBC Hindi Service, Vividh Bharati, Radio Kuwait (NO WIKIPEDIA PAGE), Sandy Jones Request Show on  BBC World ( or sometimes wild) service, Voice of America Jazz Show , Radio Australia, Radio Nederland , Hilversum Holland. Those radio days had a special significance, to my growth as a music freak. Akashwani Delhi, with Lotika Ratnam on weekly programmes like Forces Requests (Monday) and A Date With You.(Saturday). Remember Sahmshir Rai Luthra too 

Later I myself turned into a Radio Anouncer is Yuva Vani Jaipur, thanks to my friend Mukul Goswami, now with Oye FM, Jodhpur. & TV Today  .

Buggles - Video killed the radio star 1979
Mtv and Channel V happenned
and somehow radio died

Buggles - Video killed the radio star 1979

Estimated total direct programme hours per week of some external radio broadcasters for 1996

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