Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Vagabond Original Song Written, Composed and Sung by VenuG

 Vagabond by VenuG (Me) 
Demonstration of  Live Songwriting
on Video
Written and composed
in 5 minutes tune and words

On 8th February, 2012 , in Kharghar Mumbai, at my sisters place, I Remember especially, because, I was photographed by https://twitter.com/#!/RoycinD , on the 9th, February, in THIS PIC :=> HERE

My implements, paper, Gel pen, 2 harmonicas ( mouth organ) both 12 note "Hohner chrometta
12" and " Walther Chromatic 12 " Haldiram Namkin mixture, Tea, me and beautiful weather, and of course, my now dead Nokia E63, without which, picture and video , could not have been possibble. My Nokia E63 :((((((((((( was a great piece of equipment, as long as it worked, which is 3 years, I used it , as 
1 Phone
2 Messaging
3 e-mail, push mail 3 online and 4 via opera
4 Still Camera
5 Video Camera
6 sound Recorder
7 FM Radio
8 Bluetooth device
9 Magnetic media, using sandisk 2/4/8 GB Micro SD cards
10 Whats App
11 skype
12 gprs
13 3g
14 Browsing
15 Facebook
16 Twitter
17 Snaptu
18 Newspaper
19 News via snaptu
20 Television
21 Office, excell/office/presentation
22 PDF  reader
23 Blogging
24 Youtubing on my channel TheVenuRadioMusicJam
25 Music uploading on reverbnation.com/label/venug
26 Picture sharing via twitsnaps/twitpic/flickr
27 Google+
28 Linkdin
29 MySpace
30 Google search
31 Trendspotting
32 pintrest

Poof that was a lot I never used a PC for anything I did till 1st of June, 2012 :((( RIP Nokia E63

   Luckily my phonebook and contacts were backed up on microsdcard, so i did not lose anything, pictures, notes, videos or sounds

 Vagabond by VenuG
Demonstrating Live Songwriting on Video  
composition and words
in 5 minutes!!!

Song written @ the request of 
Song writing and composition,
in 5 minutes
Live in open on Video ..
I never make false statement
so, better believe me NOW

Please, Please, Please , tell me your reaction no :)

Friday, 22nd June 2012 

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